Since Canada formation as a nation in 1867, it has progressed impressively in every industries. Today, it ranks as the 10th country in the world with the biggest GDP. Thanks to its vibrant seafood industry, vast organic resources, and a sizable manufacturing base. Presently, it is the just country with a government that works through a parliamentary system in the entire traditional western hemisphere. Canada offers ten provinces, but 75% of its inhabitants stay in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Because the nation includes a friendly neighbor who agrees to talk about defense and armed service passions, tourism, and trade, Canada has thrived. In this article, you shall obtain understanding of thrilling facts about Canada’s economic climate. (TIPS: When you areplanning to go to Canada remember about: eta visa Canada) .They are the following;

1. Exports

Did you know Canada exports approximately 75% of its items and services in america? Despite sharing a border with the United States of America, both countries are great trading partners. Studies indicate that Canada exports items worth $338 billion to the united states. This amount is over 75% of Canada’s total export of $450 billion. The country exports only $21.3 billion worth of goods to China and $12.6 billion to the UK.

2. Natural Resources

You may think that Canada only owns some herds of caribou on its snowy land, but are mistaken. Research / (*canadian eta) shows that Canada may be the 3rd richest nation in the globe in natural resources. The nation possesses some of the largest petroleum reserves and commercial minerals. It is also abundant with coal, rock salt, gypsum, uranium, potash, and limestone. Canada also ranks third on the list of the biggest timber exporters in the globe.

3. Oil Reserves

The Middle East is renowned for its oil reserves, but Canada has more than they got. Facts suggest that Canada’s petroleum reserves are the third-largest in the world. Since 1988, you can find no revised official reserve amounts of the Saudi oil industry. Regarding to WikiLeaks, in 2011, the actual number of oil reserves of Saudi could possibly be much less, with 40% of the total amount stated by OPEC. Also, Alberta Oilsands’ new analysis indicates Canada’s petroleum reserves exceeding those of Saudi with a substantial margin.

4. Sea Food

Canada’s coastline is the longest in the world. Evaluating it towards the Australian coastline, it is nearly ten times much longer and five times that of Russia. It is the reason Canada rates as the sixth-largest exporter of sea food worldwide. As a result, this country generates $1.5 billion in lobster and $4.2 billion in general seafood annually.

5. Maple Syrup

Do you like pancakes? Then you got to know about the maple syrup. Canada includes many maple trees and creates 71% of the maple syrup found in the world. 91% from the syrup from Canada comes from Quebec. Maple syrup processing in Canada has created around 12,000 careers.


As indicated above, Canada is an interesting economic giant in the world. Thanks to its organized program of govt and rich natural resources. The country’s effort to trade and make diplomatic relations with other countries has also added to its ever-growing economy.

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